Choosing the Best Online Nursing School Programs

The path to a successful career in nursing is no small matter and is not something to be taken for granted, beginning with the choice of online nursing program to enter into.

Are you in search of a stable career in the medical industry? The nursing profession may be suitable if you want to work in a health care setting. There are more than 600 nursing online programs offered by prominent colleges and universities across the country. These institutions offer excellent education that puts together user-friendly learning know-how and human interaction. Nursing proficiency can only be obtained from practical experience. This is really something that cannot be taught through nursing schools online.  In other words, degrees for entry-level into the profession such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse certification as well as Associate Nursing degrees should be acquired in traditional colleges or universities.

Schools that offer Online Programs

There are a number of schools that offer part of the instruction for the associate degree online. Kaplan University and Chamberlain College of Nursing offer the theoretical component of their associate degrees through online nursing classes. Yet, these institutions make it compulsory for students to take the practicum in one of their physical campuses in Florida and Ohio respectively.

If you are interested in entry-level nursing training, it is advisable to get in touch with your local community college or teaching hospital. Meanwhile, advanced degree programs are actually suitable for nursing online programs. This is true since many of the enrollees already have practical skills from on-the-job experience. Majority of the higher-level online nursing programs also require practicum courses. Nonetheless, these programs may often be arranged for you in collaboration with a local hospital or medical facility in your state. The Registered Nurse-to-Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree is the most popular type of nursing degree online.

At present, there are several schools that offer highly affordable distance learning Registered Nurse-to-Bachelor’s of Science nursing programs. These are the following:

  1. Baker College—(Flint, MI) – $205
  2. Pima Medical Institute—(Tucson, AZ) – $250
  3. United States University (Chula Vista, CA) – $250
  4. University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX) – $255
  5. Grantham University (Kansas City, MO) – $265
  6. Western Governors University—(Salt Lake City, UT ) – $270
  7. Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences—(Orlando, FL) – $300
  8. Liberty University Online—(Lynchburg, VA) – $305
  9. Rasmussen University (Minnetonka, MN) – $310
  10. Kaplan University—(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – $315
  11. Northeastern University (Boston, MA) – $325
  12. Colorado Technical University—(Colorado Springs, CO) – $340
  13. Indiana State University—(Terre Haute, IN) – $355
  14. American Sentinel University—(Aurora, CO) – $370
  15. South University (Savannah, GA) – $380
  16. Colorado Christian University—(Lakewood, CO) – $380
  17. Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN) – $395
  18. Kent State University—(Kent, OH) – $420
  19. Arizona State University (Scottsdale, AZ) – $425
  20. Jacksonville University (Tampa, FL) – $440
  21. Grand Canyon University—(Phoenix, AZ) – $460
  22. Graceland University—(Lamoni, IA) – $465
  23. Nebraska Methodist College—(Omaha, NE) – $480
  24. University of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ) – $500
  25. University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA) – $510
  26. Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, CA) – $530

You can start inquiring from their respective school registrars to get information about these schools’ nursing online program. It is also recommended that you conduct some research and background check on the curriculum and methods of instruction before finally making up your mind on what school to choose.